About Us

We are Beauty Queens.

Our goal is to give you, our customer the possibility to find the best within the latest trend and it's latest spectrum.

We want you as a customer to be able to find everything you seek for, whether it may be for daily usage or for parties. A broad stock with much to choose from, from shoes to bags, from accessories to party dresses.

We also have a big selection of make up.



All brands that you can find here are chosen by our staff where we handpick items we like and later on filter away items that we don't think matches our quality standards.

We only want the hottest, best and the freshest. Items that do not match into these categories do not belong to Beauty Queens.

Since we pick the hottest, we also know what the best for the current season is, and we are happy to help you find something that matches you.

We at Beauty Queens choose quality over quantity and that's what we stand for.


Our audience is a mature audience that loves to dress up and aren't scared of a little extra attention. Everything from "Bling-Bling" to lingerie. 

You will find what you seek here.


Exclusive, beautiful and hot party dresses have their special place in the heart of Beauty Queens. We have dedicated staff available in the store to help you find the perfect dress only for YOU. We go from measure to personality, the occasion doesn't matter, we will find something you will love and make others drop their jaw in awe.


The dress is a part of you.


We love our customers and we sometimes have give-aways on our social medias.

For a bigger chance to be the winner, follow us on #Instagram - where you can participate in contests or just to be updated on what's new.